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Emotional Marketing As The Basis Of Your Promotions

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by: James Copper
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The market out there is fast and furious. The competition is heavy and the marketing messages are reaching consumers in their thousands every day. To compound the challenge most of your potential customers’ basic needs are already met. They are looking for things to enhance their lives, make them feel better, prettier, sexier. Marketing to today’s consumers is a challenging business because you are no longer listing the specifications of products and services. Instead you are meeting people on an emotional level to break into their consumer awareness.

This article is mostly geared toward the product distribution business but it can be adapted to meet the needs of your service oriented customers. Here we will focus on some of the tactics, what they are and what you should do to benefit from marketing on an emotional basis to your potential customer base. First take your cue from the marketing greats such as Nike, Coke, Pepsi. They have been top marketers for decades and have multi-million dollar budgets. And yet you never see a Coke or Nike ad list the specifications for soda pop or running shoes. They market entirely on an emotional level.

When figuring out how to market emotionally, you need to work out what drives your customers. How do they spend their days? How can your product make their lives easier, make them healthier or better looking or their lives more fun? Once you get a grip on how your product appeals to your customer, you can then focus your marketing efforts on bringing to the fore the emotional offer that your clients will respond to. For example, if you sell liquid vitamins I would say off the top of my head that your target market are people who are health conscious, not as healthy as they would like to be, high income earners, probably leading quite stressed lives and they want their vitamins quickly and immediately.

Obviously you need to pitch your marketing tactics at intelligent, busy people who are concerned about their health and want instant results from vitamins. You could show a before stressed executive at office or stressed mom ferrying the kids and after executive in control of a meeting, mom laughing with the kids to show the benefits of these vitamins.

This approach hits a number of emotional points in the consumer. 1. There is help out there. 2. It doesn’t have to be this way. 3. Ordinary folk are benefiting from this. 4. All it takes is liquid vitamins to change your life. 5. My destiny is in my hands because I can buy liquid vitamins to change my life. 6. Vitamins make you healthy so they will make me healthy too. 7. Liquid vitamins have an instantaneous effect on your mood and life. Whether any of these assumptions bear scrutiny is not the point. The point is the emotional response that your campaign induces in the potential customer.

To build an emotional marketing campaign you need to read the psycho-social make-up of your target market and build up an emotional campaign to meet their needs. It sounds like common sense but surprisingly few businesses go about doing this. They simply have advertisements published and hope for the best. What you actually need is a promotional campaign where you are entering into an emotional back-and-forth relationship with the customer, persuading them that your service or product can meet their emotional need.

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