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Customer Service Articles

41: The Importance of a Customer-Focused Vision
It takes commitment and an obsession about customers to win business. Over the years, my experiences have taught me that it is simple to create a customer-focused culture, but it certainly isn't easy. If a company gets it right, however, the customers and profits will be easy to attract and keep.

42: The Power of Delighting a Customer
A thoughtful gesture can delight a customer and result in enormous good will toward your product or service. I witnessed something spectacular that improved my philosophy about caring about customers. With one simple act, a colleague of mine created buzz that money could not buy!

43: Humor in Customer Service and How It Can Help Your Business
Now, wait a minute. You are not a stage comedian or an actor. Your job is to sell something, not put on a clown act. How does humor fit into customer service? And that's exactly why this works: Everybody thinks just like the above paragraph. Because everybody thinks that way, nobody uses humor to ease a customer transaction.

44: Customer Service: A Little Means A Lot
How a single employee can ruin a company's reputation.

45: How to Deal with a Hostile Customer
Any job which involves customer service will, before long, involve a few unpleasant encounters with at least one customer who has a problem about something. There is a notable difference between customers who have an understandable complaint, and those who seem to just seem to have a personal problem.

46: Simple Tips For Pleasing Your Customers
The first tenet in pleasing customers is very simply - treat customers the way you would like to be treated. A happy customer will return and potentially be your best marketing asset as they tell their friends.

47: Customer and Employee Loyalty: How Do You Rate?
The average company loses half their customers in 5 years and half their employees in 4 years(*1) This has significant impact to overall customer, employee, investor and supplier loyalty.

48: 10 Reasons to Implement a Customer Service Program
Customers are the most important elements for the success of a business. Attaining and retaining the customers is one of the most important and essential tools for the success of any business.

49: Building a Strong Customer Service Team
There are more and more demands being made of front line team members, and sometimes the pressure can be heard by your customer.

50: Creating Customer Service Excellence
In a fast paced, dynamic environment like a customer facing group, there is potential for great wins and some losses as far as attracting, gaining and retaining customers go.

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