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Customer Service Articles

31: Making A Small Business Opportunity Last Forever
The Strategy Of Preeminence (putting the needs of your client first) can change how fast your business expands and at the same time determine how long lasting your business opportunity will be.

32: Customer and Client Rapport: Why Should They Care About You?
Customers drive all the action. If your business can develop a relationship it can develop customer loyalty.

33: Improving Customer Service Relationship
Any time that you enter a restaurant and are greeter by the hostess, when you are bombarded in a department store by an employee who ask if they can help you or the cashier at the grocery store, you are experiencing a tiny bit of customer service.

34: Four Ways to Guarantee Repeat Business
At the backbone of every successful business is the repeat customer. While it is great to get referrals, it is important to realize that a referral may result in an interested individual taking a look at a business or store, but by and large curiosity rarely translates into sales...

35: Providing Quality Customer Service
The way you treat your customers will determine if your business is successful or not. If you ship orders late, cannot answer questions about your product, are rude or condescending or you can not update your website regularly,

36: The Number One Way To Satisfy More Customers While Increasing Profits
So many articles and books have been published about the current economical tides where the consumer is in control, and companies should do everything to serve them. Many entrepreneurs fail to do this, or think it's to expensive - thus going for non-maximized client satisfaction.

37: E-Cards For Business Use
During every Holiday Season or festival season, you can use ecards to convey the holiday message. After some weeks, remember to mail an e-card to an old customer that says: Thinking of You.

38: Helpful Signs and Happy Customers
Positive, helpful signs welcome customers and lead them to buy. It's the little things that count and add up to success that make customers happy and keep them coming back. That first customer touch point, your signs, is vitally important.

39: How To Increase Online Sales With Live Customer Support
Discusses the benefits of live chat software and how to use it to increase online sales.

40: How Anyone Can Create A Useful Knowledgebase
Look for a simple tool that allows you to enter and search on three text fields: problem, resolution, and details. Concentrate on the these three and you will sure to build something useful.

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