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Knowing And Understanding The Products You Sell Is Critical

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by: rebeccakepple
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If there is one constant in the world of beauty, it is that the consumer knows what they want and expects to receive just that. But, what do you do in the health and beauty business when a new product comes around and you want to market that health product to your customer base? You learn everything there is to learn about the product and you convince your customer that this home car product is the BEST product for them.

Understanding Ingredients:

It is important to start with the base of the product. When learning about beauty solutions, the ingredient list will be the heart of your marketing. Clients and consumers are more educated than ever before and they know which ingredients they want to see in their facial creams, lotions and make-up. Many beauty retail products are based on these ingredients, but some offer very little of an active ingredient to keep costs low and profits high. This fact is often masked by the term "proprietary blend".

The ingredient list can be broken down into individual ingredients with each one holding a different marketing tactic. If the main ingredient has been shown to significantly reduce wrinkles, know that fact and present it to your customer. If there are secondary benefits, like younger looking skin and reduced chance of acne, tell them that as well. Your knowledge of the product must dig deep into the formulation and ingredients used to make that product.

Taking Your Knowledge a Step Farther:

On the same lines as understanding your ingredient list, you should also take things a step farther and learn about the ingredients used in your products. Where are the active ingredients processed? What is the country of origin for the product? Who is the main manufacturer of the product and what other successful products do they manufacture? These simple facts will not only impress the client or customer, but make for an easier sale and that is what makes marketing worth the effort.

Knowing what the ingredients can do is just as important as knowing what the ingredients "do" do. Many health and beauty business marketing centers on testimonials, but knowing simply how the product can work and being able to present the real benefits of using the product to your clients will increase your sales and make for more return customers. You can increase your sales and boost your profit in one easy step - LEARN the PRODUCT!

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Rebecca Kepple specializes in helping business owners massively increase their client base and profits. To get instant access to her free insider secrets report 'The Top 7 Secrets for Massively Increasing Your Client Base' visit:

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