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Customer Service Articles

1: Starting A Home Delivery Business
Many major companies offer next day mail and package delivery but for those businesses or individuals who have the occasional need for same day delivery may be out of luck.

2: Knowing And Understanding The Products You Sell Is Critical
If there is one constant in the world of beauty, it is that the consumer knows what they want and expects to receive just that. But, what do you do in the health and beauty business when a new product comes around and you want to market that health product to your customer base?

3: First Call Resolution: What About That 14%?
Customer satisfaction is crucial to customer loyalty, positive word of mouth, and return on investment--this is a given.

4: Good Customer Service Is Not Good Enough Anymore
In today's fierce competitive markets good service is no longer good enough. The tops sales professionals know they must go beyond good service and deliver renowned customer service. Customer service that causes the buyers to tell their friends about your service before and after they talk about the products they purchased from you.

5: People Shop Price. They Buy Value
All you have to do is put a dollar value on your Benefits and your USP's. Here is where we separate the top sales producers from the rest because most find it very hard, if not impossible for them to put a dollar value on an intangible.

6: Finding The Right Business Location
As it has often been said in real estate, location is everything and the same can be said about locating a new business. Obviously, price is going to be a major concern when looking for a place to open your new business, but the potential for traffic flow should be the near the top of the locations requirements.

7: Who Are Your Customers?
Are you aware of who your customers are? Are they male or female? What is their age? Are they married or single? If you answered no to any these questions you are not alone. Many organizations are unaware of who their customers are.

8: How To Get And Keep Your Website Visitors
Even if you have taken all of the steps to make sure that you are advertising your business in the best way for you, you might not be in the home stretch. Even if you have people come to your website, you want to be sure that you can keep them there.

9: Are You Satisfying Your Customers?
While high levels of customer satisfaction typically lead to company growth, it is not always the case that business growth leads to satisfied customers. In many cases, the opposite is true.

10: Customer Service ABC's
26 practical ideas for businesses to improve their customer service.

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