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Why You Will Fail With Private Label Rights Products

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by: thehermit
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You might be wondering how I can say you will fail with private label rights products.

It is a statistical fact that 95% of the people that try to make money online fail. That makes me right 95% of the time.

Don't worry, if you want to be one of the 5% that makes money online I have some tips for you that will help you succeed with private label rights products.

#1 Make sure you get a product with the proper rights.

There are a number of different rights and restrictions that come with private label products. You need to make sure you have the rights to do what you have planned with your product.

All private label rights products will let you edit the product, put your name on the product and resell the product. But that is all they have in common some of the rights that vary are:

* Whether or not you can claim copyright.
* Whether you can give away the end product.
* Whether you can sell the private label rights.
* Whether you can group the products.
* Whether you can sell in a membership site.
* Plus more. . .

Be sure you read the terms and conditions before you purchase the product. If it doesn't give you the rights to do what you want to do keep on looking.

I personally find that the more restrictive products (no private label resale rights, no give away rights) are the ones that I can make the most profits from. But if you are trying to build a list by giving something away then you need to make sure you have giveaway rights.

#2 Make the private label product your own.

What does this mean?

It means actually use the rights that you have. At least 90% of the people that have the rights don't change the name of the product or the graphics or the sales page, let alone the product itself.

Now, if you remember 95% of the people don't make money, we have just accounted for a large percentage of them with this one step.

Change the name, change the graphics and most definitely change the product. Make it promote you and not the person you bought from.

Put your affiliate links in the product.

Put your name on the product.

Point the product to your site.

#3 Improve the end product.

Make your product better then the products of all the other people that purchases private label rights. You can do this by:

* Adding related bonuses to the product.
* Group some related articles with the product.
* Create an autoresponder series to go with the product.
* Create instructional tutorials to go with the product.
* Anything else you can think of to increase the apparent value of the product.

#4 Read or use the private label product.

This sounds like a rather obvious thing to say but I have purchased private label products that were absolutely trash. Not only providing poor information to the end user but giving damaging information.

Fortunately, I knew enough about the products to know they were trash and possibly even harmful so I didn't use them or resell them until I had them fixed.

I have followed up on these products and found people selling them without changing the name or information at all. If they do manage to make a sale I doubt they will make a followup sale if their customers actually read the products.

#5 Avoid the cheap stuff.

From personal experience I found that you can profit a lot more from the higher priced private label rights products.

The reasons for this are:

* They are usually better quality products.
* They have fewer people selling them.
* They have better promotional materials included.
* They usually won't let you sell the private label rights.

Remember the price is relative. If you buy a $27 PLR product and you don't sell any or if you buy a $500 PLR product and you sell 100 of them at $97 each which actually cost you more?

The key is the first four points. If you don't do those steps you will fail with private label products.

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Randy "The Hermit" Baustert has been helping people get their businesses online since 1999. He is the number one ranked search engine expert as ranked by and runs successful site at and

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