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Submitting Your Articles To Article Directories

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by: ronjoeb
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If you're interested in writing an article to increase exposure to your website, then you will need to know how to avoid some common mistakes that so many make when submitting their articles to article directories and article banks.

The internet is a place where millions go everyday to get information. Even people who have no computer knowledge know that the internet is a great place to get free information on just about any topic. Businesses and marketers have been using this powerful advertising tool to provide free information to their prospective buyer for years.

Don't be sloppy and careless

You can find many article submitters, tools and services online that will help you distribute your articles more efficiently. The more efficient you are with the process, the more exposure you will receive from your articles. If you want to be successful at distributing your articles, then here are a few points you will need to keep in mind.

1. Writing an article with only your benefit in mind will not produce loyal readers. To be successful at writing you need to put yourself in the reader's shoes. If your only purpose for writing articles is for branding, generating leads and promotion and not to provide quality information to your readers, then they will likely go elsewhere and read something more useful.

2. If you fail to write a compelling article that moves your readers to want to keep reading, then it's doubtful that they will follow through and click on your link in the resource box at the end of your article. To maximize the full potential of your articles you need to write good informative artices that will move them to take the action you desire.

3. Write an excellent article that people like and they will copy your article and post it on their website. This will generate links back to your website that can cause an explosion of traffic.

4. Using keyword properly will produce better search engine results which in turn drives more visitors to your site, just form one well written and thought out article. Put keywords in strategic places within your article but be sure not to overdo them. Be careful when using anchor texts, which is also an effective method, because the majority of the directories are not able to support this.

5. There's a far greater purpose for writing good informative articles than just getting links back to your site, branding or promotion. You need to realize that your credibility and reputation as a writer is being scutinized. If you produce poorly written articles full of spelling errors, bad grammar and something that amounts to just another sales pitch, publishers will not give you any space or voice on their site.

Follow the guidelines

Just remember that article directories and article banks have some guidelines and specifications on the articles that they accept. Just because you submit an article doesn't mean it will be accepted or reviewed. If you submit an article to the wrong directory or in the wrong category, your article will be rejected.

Be specific and narrow your topic down to something that people want information about. Do some research and find out what kind of articles publishers are looking for. If even one publisher with a hundred thousand readers picks up on your article, you could literally increase your potential audience overnight.

The internet is an amazing tool to increase exposure for any business. Writing articles is just a small but very powerful tool that you can use for branding, building your reputation, promote your products or services. Many write articles just to provide information that will help others find the answers they're looking for. Writing is an art, and those who write creatively and with a spirit of excellence will reap far greater rewards than just money.

About the Author

J. Ron Beauchamps is a Writer, Online Business Entreprenuer and has a website that offers free tool and resources to other online entreprenuers. Visit this link Marketing Resources

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