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Preparing For An Exhibition - Your Guide To Perfect Presentation

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by: Galway
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Your image matters. If you have spent months developing your new business it is essential that you make a big impact at trade fairs and corporate exhibitions. You cannot afford to get it wrong. Presentation is key to turning that winning concept into a successful money making business. So whether you are planning to present at an exhibition, convention, trade fair or a corporate meeting you should invest in the correct presentation materials. This article is a guide to the display equipment that will help you with your presentation. Alongside corporate events these display materials will help you with in-store promotions, museum displays, sports tournaments, golf days, festivals and weddings.

Pop-up stands
Pop-up stands are portable stands that are lightweight and quick to assemble. They offer a supportive frame for large graphic panels usually 2.5 metres x 2.4 metres. Most companies will offer a package that includes up to 5 graphics that can be printed to your specification. All you have to do is provide your artwork. Pop-up stands come with a wheeled case to make it easier for you to transport the display equipment to and from the event. The frame is both stylish and magnetic. The magnetism makes it easy and quick to set up your display. Packages for this type of display usually retail at around 900-1000 pounds they are an excellent option if you are after a large temporary display that will make a big impact.

Banner Stands
A Banner stand is an adjustable stand that provides the necessary support to your banner. They are typically very lightweight and comprise of a telescopic pole for adjustable height. Banner stands are ideal for a rectangular graphic design that would ideally be displayed vertically. They usually come with a carry bag and tube making them an extremely portable option. They are very quick to set up and adjustable to the height you need. They also have the possible benefit of being linked with other banner stands to create a banner wall. This provides a cost-effective option for a fantastic display. They are usually sold with personalised graphics included and retail for around 115-175 pounds each. Typically they are available at reduced prices if you buy more than 5 at a time.

Roller banners
Roller banners are extremely lightweight and compact display systems that provide an excellent option if you are looking for a highly portable display. A reusable spring loaded rail clamp system makes it easy to change the graphics in the roller banner. Roller banners come with a bag and shoulder strap and can weigh as little as 4kg. They are typically 2.2m tall, 0.8m wide with a depth of 0.4m. They can be extremely cost effective as they are priced between 100 and 152 pounds depending on the quantities the customer requests.

Lighting is an essential aspect when you're seeking to maximise the effect of your display. Halogen spot lights and flood lights will provide your display with the added sparkle to really maximise the effect of your banner. Fully adjustable Power spotlights are available that are designed specifically to enhance your pop up stand or banner stand. Floodlights provide excellent coverage whilst spotlights can provide highlight for a specific part of your display that you want to emphasise.

Literature racks
Often overlooked literature racks are important for encouraging delegates or potential customers to collect and read your literature - an essential part of the marketing process. A wide range of styles are available to meet your needs. The most effective literature racks provide space for A4 literature and are collapsible. This makes them portable for trade shows and easy to assemble. Literature racks usually cost around 90 pounds and are a vital part of your display.

Supplying artwork
Companies that provide pop-up stands, banner stands and roller stands often provide a service that will print your custom made graphics. Some companies can even help you design the artwork and will create a design to your specifications. If you have your own artwork available it can be as simple as emailing it through and the company will print it to meet your requirements.

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Shaun Parker provides an informative insight into using Banner Stands, Pop up stands and Literature Racks to achieve the maximum impact from your exhibition. For more information please visit:

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