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Monetizing Your Opt-In List

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by: svs1000
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Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned expert, you have probably heard the popular saying that the "money is in the list". Well, to an extent this is absolutely correct. Those business owners who properly monetize their opt-in lists are the ones that rake in the big profits day in and day out. So, if you are a business owner that wants to squeeze all the money that you can out of your customers, then you definitely have definitely come to the right place. In this article, we all discuss the importance of the opt-in list and the top 5 ways that you can make money out of your opt-list.

First of all, let us discuss the importance of your opt- in list and how it can boost your revenues. Many owners correctly consider the opt-in list as the lifeline to their business. They know that a good list allows them to "call on or transfuse money" from their clients at any time with a single email offer. That is, a good opt-in list allows these owners to effectively market their product or service offerings to their subscribers with the push of the send button.

Now that we understand why a list is so important, here are some great ways to monetize your list and squeeze out the most profits:

1. Promote own products. With your list, you should promote your own products and services through your list. That is, if you have a complimentary product or service that you would like your subscribers to take advantage of then you can promote it with a special offering and send it directly to them.

2. Become a published author and sell it to your subscribers. By writing an informative book, you'll demonstrate that you are an expert in the field and this will build up your reputation. Plus, it will provide your readers with valuable information as well.

3. Give away freebies. By giving away complimentary items, you are showing you care. You can then provide the recipients with offers for paid up sells at a later time. For instance, let us say that you have a free software product that you want to give away. You could then send out a complimentary offer to your subscribers for the free software. Then, once they have used it for a while, you can try to sell them more of the same or similar software items.

4. Strategize with partners. Develop strategic partnerships with other complimentary website owners and cross promote each other's products. That is, you promote their items and they do the same for you. In exchange for this partnership, you both receive a fee or commission. This can be done through direct links on each website. Then, whenever someone makes a sale based on this partnership, you are both paid.

5. Work your affiliates. Attract affiliates and get them to work for you. Affiliates are people who promote y our product or services in exchange for a commission. By asking affiliates to help you promote your list, you will see a tremendous increase in your sales.

In conclusion, the money is in the list but only if you properly monetize it and squeeze all you can out of it. By promoting your own product, selling your books, giving away freebies, developing strategic partnerships, attracting affiliates and getting them to work for you, you will be way ahead of the game and will soon see a return on your investment.

About the Author

Srini Saripalli is a technologist, marketer & Success Coach. Referred by many as "Success Engineer", Srini specializes in Marketing & Sales Success. He shares his sales & Marketing strategies on Success Engineer and his blog

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