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How Many Business Cards Do You Give Out Daily?

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by: rispoli
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A business card represents you and your business. They are for promoting and marketing your business.

So, do you have a business card? If not, then get one!

How can you use your business cards to advertise your business?

1. Get a removable adhesive glue stick and swipe the back of your business cards. You can then post them in gas stations, restrooms, on payphones, Atm machines, and gyms, magazines in waiting rooms, grocery store bulletin boards and laundry mats. You can also stick them up at the gas pump or on a bathroom mirror. Leave a trail... and someone will follow it!

2. Another idea is to put one of your cards in the envelope along with your monthly bills. Someone is opening them and they may be looking for a great home business.

3. Use your cardboard window visor, you know, the big one that keeps out the sun, and on the blank side use a stencil or letter stickers to make a big business card. Something like, Start an Internet Home Business, Make Money With our Automated System, would do fine. Put it inside your windshield and then on the outside of your windshield stick your post it business cards. People will take them.

4. Volunteer to help at local job fairs or other events and then you are in a great position to hand out some business cards. This is a great way to find contacts and to let others know about your business and also your willingness to help others.

TIP: Your local newspaper often has stories or listings of people being promoted. What an opportunity! Send them a blank invitation type card with a written note congratulating them on their promotion and include your business card. People usually open invitation type envelops. Who knows, they may respond back to you.

Add a slogan to your business card that tells people what makes you different from all the rest. Brand your business with a catchy phrase and people will remember you when they need you.

How can you increase the effectiveness of your business cards?

- All business cards should be printed on high quality paper with a well thought out design. A business card is represents you and is a branding tool for your company.

- When attending a business meeting make sure you have a good number of business cards with you. Why be stingy with your business cards?

- Exchange business cards at the beginning or at the end of a meeting. Keep your business cards in one pocket while putting any you receive in another.

- Whenever you hand out one of your business cards, ask for one in return. When you are given a business card, do not just put it in your pocket. Look at the card for a few seconds. You may see something of interest that can be used to start a conversation. Jot down some things on the back of the card such as the date, location and common points of interest. These comments can be used when following up with that contact. Then put the card in your wallet. If you can make someone feel important, then you just may become important to them.

- Exchange your business card only with someone you wish to stay in contact with. Avoid forcing your business card on anyone whom you are not acquainted with.

- Avoid using your business card as a billboard. Include your USP but try not to overdue it.

- Follow up. It is just as important to get a business card as it is to give one. To be an effective networker you must have an effective follow up system.

Think of your business card as a starting point for your marketing efforts. They introduce you and your business to potential customers. They are your identify.

A business card can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available. They are inexpensive and easy to distribute. You never know when you may meet someone who could become a customer, so why do we forget to carry our business cards around with us? What a big mistake!

A business card can bring in many opportunities, so make it a rule not to go out without them.

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli

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Joe Rispoli has been involved with online marketing for over 10 years. Discover the Internet's largest source of online marketing information and free advertising resources. His free work at home advertising resources can be your key to online success.

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