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6 Critical Components For Offline or Online Business Success!

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by: svs1000
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Start a business by thinking your plan through. This means planning from multiple angles and logics. Everything from targeting your consumers to budgeting your finances to directions to take in Marketing and Advertising. When it comes to succeeding in business these six critical components cannot be ignored.

1.Find The Right List.

Finding the Right Mailing List can be a challenge particularly for a small business. You have a great product for sale but if you send your marketing materials to people who have no use for it, then that is a substantial loss that you will never recover. Resist the urge to buy cheap mailing lists of general consumers and instead sign up with a data maintenance company that can help you with targeted mailing list information that is up to date and specified for your business.

2.Find The Right Target Market.

Speaking of which what is the right target market for your business? By not focusing on your target, you are just shooting brilliant marketing strategies into the air. If you cannot specify your audience and speak to them on a personal level, what makes you think that a general audience would pay any attention to you? Make the extra effort to pinpoint a specific audience and why they would appreciate this offer.

3.The Right Headline.

When it comes to Web Writing, remember that as much effort as you put into targeting and data mailing, all of those efforts don't mean jack if your audience stop reading because of dull, go-nowhere business writing. You have to approach web writing the same way you would approach writing for a newspaper. What are some dramatic headlines that will seize your buyer's attention? Should you make your headlines funny, story-like or just very urgent? It will depend on the product, but whatever you do, never make the headlines boring.

4.The Right Message.

Your message should speak directly to your consumer. Remember that unless you make your message personal (solely about the customer's benefit) and urgent (as in why you must listen to this right now!) your audience will not care.

5.The Right Desire.

Another part of creating a Successful Marketing Campaign is to build a desire in your audience that can only be satisfied with the purchase of the product. You may be building upon a need that is already there or may be creating a need that hasn't existed up until now. However, by focusing on building this commercial desire you can turn casual interest into want into need.

6.The Right Action.

Remember always to leave your targeted buyer with a parting thought--a conclusion that stresses the need to take action. Don't simply make all your valid points and let the customer walk away. Give your buyer a plan to follow through. Move the buyer to take the right action after the pitch--and for no one's benefit except the consumer.

About the Author

Srini Saripalli is a technologist, marketer & Success Coach. Referred by many as "Success Engineer", Srini specializes in Marketing & Sales Success. He shares his sales & Marketing strategies on Success Engineer and his blog

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