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Your Customers are a Great Source for New Leads

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Something business owners "in the know" regarding marketing techniques, are onto, that some others are not is one of the best marketing secrets. What is this? One hint: you can grow your profits while spending less on your advertising efforts. Give up? Your customers are an excellent source of new leads. While this may seem obvious some people don't consider referrals from their own customers.

There are two ways this works for you: referrals and word of mouth. Often, you won't even have to ask your customers to refer you to others. If your customers are satisfied, they will tell others anyway.

This is not only free, this is one of the very best forms of advertising. We all know one of the basic rules of marketing is that someone will typically need to see an ad many times before it sinks in. It can cost a lot to run ads repeatedly, this is especially true if you are not making many conversions per advertisement.

Now, imagine that you have ten customers, each of whom tells three others about your product or service. That is thirty potential new customers who already have a degree of trust in your company and will likely go straight to you on the recommendation of their friends.

It's easy to keep your clients satisfied all you need to do is provide a high quality product or service. Do this and the word will get out quickly.

Rewards programs are one way that businesses will try to get their customers to spread the word. To illustrate, you could send out 25% off coupons to your customers, along with a rebate coupon for 25%.

To use this rebate coupon, a customer would have to give a coupon to a friend. The friend uses the coupon; the original customer uses the rebate,

These can be tracked by printing each in a different hue, which will facilitate sorting the coupons as they are used by customers. The name of the customer can be written on the back of the coupon this allows the business owner to determine if these new customers were referrals.

A business owner can use the principle of customer referrals in an even easier way. If they have no time for a complex system of customer referrals and incentives, they can simply ask their customers to tell their friends; most satisfied customers are happy to oblige, even if there is no concrete benefit as such for them.

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