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Traffic Exchanges - Are Traffic Exchanges Effective For Advertising?

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by: dt1968
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There are some people in the internet marketing world that will tell you that
advertising on traffic exchanges doesn't work and is a waste of time. I completely
disagree with that. Yes, there are more effective ways of advertising but using
traffic exchanges can work if you use them properly.

First of all though, what is a traffic exchange and how do they work? Basically,
a traffic exchange is a service you can sign up for where you build up credits by
viewing other people's websites for usually anywhere from 10-30 seconds each and
in turn other people view your website to build up credits of their own.

Here are some tips for making traffic exchanges work for you:

1) Sign up for at least a dozen or so of the top traffic exchanges.

2) Spend 30 minutes to an hour per day viewing other people's websites and building
up credits.

3) Use a tabbed browser like Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer.
Open up 8-10 different traffic exchanges in different tabs so that you can quickly
move from one to the next building credits in multiple exchanges simultaneously.

4) If it is in your budget, upgrading to a Pro membership in some traffic exchanges
is well worth it. You will usually get a certain number of free advertising credits
per month plus you'll earn more credits per website you view as a Pro member. This
can really add up over time.

5) Understand who your audience is. Most people using traffic exchanges tend to be
internet marketers and home business entrepreneurs. You'll have much more success
advertising a product or service that appelas to this crowd.

6) Always advertise your own capture page rather than a replicated company website.
People won't take the time to read a long sales page. Use a short but interesting
capture page with an attention grabbing headline so that you can capture your visitor's
name and email address and let your autoresponder follow up with them. Ideally you
want to personalize your capture page with your name and picture and even your email
address, phone number and a personal audio message if possible to brand yourself.

If you follow this advice, your traffic exchange advertising will be much more effective
and will slowly but surely add leads to your mailing list. Advertising on traffic
exchanges can be a little bit time intensive, but if you have little to no advertising
budget this can be a good place to start and you can have a fair amount of success if
you are patient and persistent.

About the Author

Dr. Daniel Trainor is an established internet marketer. To find out how you can personally work with Dr. Trainor and his team to make money online go to Wealth Magnet System

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