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The One Mistake Most Online Marketers Make

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by: pianopl123
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About three months ago I had the privilege, nay the honor, to meet up with an incredible moment of online destiny. I heard one of the internet's top online marketers say something that would change my life financially forever. Now it's time to tell you what he said...

One night while perusing the internet for online marketing tips, which I often due, I came across a video that would forever change my financial life, and most hopefully, it will change yours too.

You see, like many of you out there, every night I would try to promote my online business using online forums, article marketing, buying up Google ppc ads, free content, newsletters, banner advertising, and anything else that would trip the hit meter on my site.

Is it me, or am I the only one out there who hasn't found one ad that works online?

Anyhow, tonight would be different. You see, I came across this video featuring Ewen Chia, one of the internet's top online business marketers, and he said the following: "To be successful online I've observed that many make one mistake, they try to do all kinds of online business marketing methods, when they should just try to focus on one, and become good at it."

That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I'd been doing online business marketing wrong, and here was an expert telling me so to my face. I realized I had to focus on one area of online marketing and become an expert at it. In order to do that I had to make a choice. Would I choose forum marketing, email-marketing, pay per click advertising, coupons, or newsletters?

Well, since I'm a writer, and that's a God-given gift, I decided to choose of course: "article marketing" or writing articles over the internet to be placed on a variety of websites, blogs, and informational pages. Article marketing is considered by many to be the very best way to promote your business online, so I ran with it!

I'm happy to report since listening to Ewen Chia, I have written almost fifty articles on a variety of subjects. Everything from marriage relationships, to how to buy your child's first BMX bicycle, and all the way to using natural energy resources over man made ones. Since I have a wide background, I've utilized this to the max when it comes to writing a variety of articles.

What has this done for my online business, and what could it do for yours? Well, I am happy to report that as of today our website has over 10,000 links to it, and several people email me letting me know what a blessing and help my articles have been to them in their individual lives and businesses.

You might be saying, well, I'm not a writer. Well, then as Mr. Chia recommends, please consider becoming an expert and focusing on the one online marketing tool that you are the best at, and target it with massive action daily.

Take for example online forum marketing. Did you know you could type in online forums or multi level marketing forum on google or yahoo, and then thousands of results will come up? By participating in online forums and placing a signature file at the end of your tag, you could potentially generate thousands of visitors to your website daily!

Yes, it's true! But again, that may or may not be what you want to specialize in. Just take the area that you like the most in online marketing, and focus on it, and become great at it. Again, Ewen Chia, who is considered by many, one of the best online marketers today, and I'll throw myself in there too, he is one of the greatest, recommends that you pick one area and get really good at it, before trying to do two or three separate methods.

By focusing on one thing, you'll find that you'll get good at it, and then you'll start to have some good online business success! That's what it's all about my friends! So, pick the one advertising area that you love the most, and then put massive action behind it. I believe you'll love the results, as I have, and maybe someday you'll write me, and say: "Thanks Don, I just became the next online business millionaire."

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Don Alexander, Noted Author & Online Business Mentor "Helping ALL to Succeed"

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