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The Newest Ways To Make Money Online With Google Adsense

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by: retromodcoza
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The saturation of sites deliberately built for adsense revenue worldwide is increasing at a rapid rate due to the unbelievable power adsense has to earn the average person a worthwhile second and sometimes primary income. A new addition to the adsense earning idea that is still in its infancy is creating sites that indicate how much different adsense ad clicks are worth, and then display them on the site in large lists, along with the adsense ads next to them. The amount of different keywords on the site ensures the site will be seen by searchers and drive sufficient traffic, and the adverts are clicked in the hope of more information. Thus, the publisher of the site does nothing more than create keyword lists, using appropriate software, see what their value is worth and then post them onto a website or blog.

To do this has been previously difficult, or several sources of keywords and their bids have had to be joined together to create the keyword lists. With the release of keyword Elite, sites has been slowly appearing with these lists on them, and the publisher is making a fair amount of money due to the high click value of the keywords.

The process follows three basic steps:

1. Build a site (With ms FrontPage or a similar basic free site builder) or create a free blog with one of the many blog sites or wordpress.

2. Place some title and header tags on the site, and then create keyword lists with a Keyword creater - I use overtures suggestion tool - (check it in Google), which can then be copied and pasted onto the respective site.

3. Add adsense ads by signing up here and placing the ads on the site. 4.If you like , optimize the site by using a program for search engine optimization like the free version of Web CEO.

Google Adsense is now making some online entrepreneurs over $1 mil a year , and is fast becoming one of the easiest ways anywahere to make a buck. Saturation of Adsense sites , however , is becoming a problem , and Google is starting to penalise sites which have so called "junk content" and other deceptive means which publishers use to gain clicks.

Daisy chains of adsense sites are created by publishers looking to get traffic cheaply from PPC and then have users click on ads on the landing page which brings them a higher price.

Such sites are now being filtered out by Googles new adwords regiem. Under this regiem landing pages with little or no content and lots of adsense are being charged more and more as a minimum CPC , thereby weeding out these traffic "feeders". However , with the coming of MSN and Yahoo into the contextual advetising arena , this traffic swapping method may revive to a be a bigger money earner than ever before.

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