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The Great How To Get Customers Dilemma

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by: jschuman
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When you own a business of any kind you quickly learn that getting new customers is the number thing you have to focus on. Depending on the size of your business it becomes hard to do it all. Having an internet business helps solve this dilemma because you are able to automate so much of it. Bust you still have to work all of the time on getting traffic before you can get new customers.

In this article we are going to talk about how to get new customers for an Internet based business by first concentrating on getting more traffic.

1. First of all do not forget word of mouth advertising. A satisfied customer can be your best form of advertising because they are not selling anything. They are just letting their friends and family how happy they are with you and your product. Adding a simple tell a friend form to your website can get you a lot of new customers from your current ones.

2. Banner ads, search engines, social marketing, and other methods must be a part of your overall marketing efforts. This is an ongoing project that really never will stop. For example if you choose to do some pay per click advertising you can never just let it run by itself, because the price per click is always changing. If you are not aware of where you rank for various keywords and how much you are paying for a click your traffic will suffer.

3. Ask yourself this question, "who am I trying selling to. You must know your market before you can put together an effective advertising campaign. You will never sell anything or get any new customers if you do not research and learn who your target market is.

4. Concentrate on benefits. Many ads miss the boat in that all they do is go on and on about how great their product is. If you do not translate all of the features of a product into the benefits your customer will realize you will not get traffic to your website. Put yourself in the customers shoes and view your ads and websites as though you were them.

5. In today's Internet marketing world it is all about fresh content. Blogging is the best way to keep your site fresh. It is important that your new customers and your old ones are given to things to buy. You do this by offering new information and products and then keeping in touch.

6. Following up is a great way to get new customers and keeping your past customers. The easiest way to do this is via an autoresponder which is an automatic way to send email. Offer everyone a chance to give you their contact information every chance you get. Giving away a free report or money off coupon would be examples of incentives that someone would be willing to trade their name and email addresses for.

When you get right down to it the new customers dilemma is all about focus and follow up. By putting the emphasis on your visitors and catering to them you will convert them into new customers and repeat customers.

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