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Prepare Your Trade Show Display in 5 Easy Steps

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by: anutt
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Being prepared for the challenges of a Trade Show essentially comes down to one thing: Good project management skills or the ability to manage time, resources and budget. There are 5 easy steps you can follow to ensure that you make the most of your experience and ensure that your trade show display is a success.

1. Turn Your Deadline Into An Advantage
In terms of planning for your show, the biggest advantage in your favour is a fixed or hard deadline. Because the deadline is non-negotiable everything can be worked backwards from there with cushions built in to afford the kind of presence that puts your company in its best light.

2. Sweat The Small Stuff
A trade show is the perfect opportunity to audit and assess your collateral materials. That should include everything from business cards to leave behinds and rate cards or price lists. While the temptation may exist to make due with what you already have, ensure that material is the most appropriate to the show and your audience. Bear in mind however, that things are likely to change from one year to another such as new consumer trends and/or new industry trends and that may require new materials.

3. Have A Booth Dress Rehearsal
If time and space are available and your booth is more or less of a manageable size consider setting your booth up in advance of the trade show to ensure everything is in working order and assist you in discovering what your needs or requirements may be.

Ensure that all other staff members that will be in attendance at the show are present. Make sure that they understand proper etiquette as well as what kind of attire to dress in. There is nothing worse then wearing a killer suit with uncomfortable shoes!

Setting up at the trade Show is a frantic time and not when you want to discover tears, rips, forgotten extension cords, missing computer parts, burned out light bulbs or worse.

4. Educate Your Staff
Ensure your staff is aware of the goals and objectives of your marketing effort and educate everyone on how best to achieve them. Have a process in place for lead capture and follow up. Fully 80% of Trade Show leads are never followed up for one of two reasons: a lack of complete prospect information with which to follow up or they are simply forgotten. They do, however, represent some of your best revenue opportunities.

Coach yourself and other staff members on proper sales language. Make sure that they are able to articulate your product as well as build relationships based on value.

5. Create A Checklist
Manage your exhibit as a project and the task will be easier both in its execution and in reaching goals and objectives. Your Trade Show or Project list should be built so as to account for pre-show activities (booking space and ensuring materials are in place); actual show requirements (staffing, objectives); and post show requirements (tear down, prospect follow up).

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