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One Way Online Business Marketing Can Save You Money

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by: Al Freeman.
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When you decide to start and run an online business one factor that you have to budget for is advertising and marketing. If you do not know what you are doing you can spend a small fortune trying to get visitors to your website. Do this long enough and you will be out of business.

In this article we will look at one way you can market your business for free, or nearly free, and do it on the internet.

The way I am talking about is blogging. If you are not familiar with blogging, a blog is basically an online diary where you write about what is going on in your business. Blogs started out as a way for people to voice their opinion and have now become a major way internet marketers promote their products and services.

A blog allows you to quickly get content online without having to know html code or building a web page of your own. If you can type you can blog. They are very easy to set up as well.

You can set up a blog with which is owned by Google, or you can use a blogging platform such as Wordpress and host it yourself. There are many services such as the Blog Builder that will set a blog up for you for around $25.

Marketing your online business with a blog is very easy to do when you understand they keywords that are being searched in the niche your business is in. This is important as you will be titling each blog post around a keyword phrase and then including that keyword in the intro and closing of your blog article you are posting.

In these posts is where you can include links to various products you sell. You can also link to your website, or a free report, or anything that promotes your business.

The final crucial step is to bookmark each blog post to various social directories such as Digg, and Netscape. This is where your article can be picked up and read and create traffic back to your blog and website. If you do enough of these posts you can generate a significant amount of traffic over time.

Blogging and social bookmarking is one way online business marketing can save you money because it does not cost you anything to do. The only investment you have everyday is your time. If you master this technique you can generate traffic for years to come and do it very cheaply.

About the Author

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