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Network Marketing Advertising Ideas

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by: biggso
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The idea of advertising network marketing business opportunities is not new. As a matter of fact, there is a whole host of e-books written on this very subject. If you are currently involved in a multi level marketing (MLM) business as part of a down line, you will be wise to discuss this idea with someone in your up line and not only get their opinion on it but also to get some tips and advice about campaigns they might have attempted themselves in the past with more or less success. Stop to think before advertising network marketing in print ads because there are a number of issue, some of them sticky that you need to deal with before you buy that first set of postcards.

1. First and foremost, whenever you advertise anything in print, you need to think long term and in the case of direct mailings this will mean repeat campaigns. Conversely, in the case of newspaper ads, this means taking out the same ad for a number of weeks or maybe even months. Adequate budgeting is the only way to make it possible for you to take this step. Do not be deceived by slogans or promises, a print campaign is expensive when it is done right.

2. Advertising network marketing in print, especially if it is done via direct mailings, has the potential to create a liability under the postal laws that prohibit fraud from being transported via the mail. Ensure that each and every statement on your advertisement is genuine, provable and above reproach.

3. Plan a decisive strategy. For example, are you just trying to get out the name? In this case generic ads may be placed in papers. Conversely, would you like to generate generic leads? In this case generic sounding ads may be placed in Sunday papers that are delivered to households across the country. On the other hand, if you are hoping for the more qualified ads, you will need to carefully consider ad placement in trade journals, magazines catering to small business entrepreneurs and those who might be looking into joining this group.

4. When doing direct mailings, choose your demographics well. Whom are you trying to reach? Do you want to entice current network marketers who might have become disenchanted with their network marketing opportunity? Are stay-at-home moms your target? Are you aiming for the student population that needs something to do during the summer months? Each and every campaign needs to be tailored to its own demographic and contain appeal that will have them rushing for the phone or computer. Unless you are just looking for generic leads, one size does not fit all.

Last but not least, when advertising network marketing opportunities in print via direct mailing and purchasing leads, protect those leads. Use them time and again as a valued asset and not just a disposable list of potential clients, customers or down line candidates. It is this latter mistake that causes so many direct marketers to waste a lot of their money and fails to capitalize on the name recognition your business is beginning to build up.

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