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How To Get Online Traffic From Offline Advertising

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by: Hitmanadvertising
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In this article you are going to learn the first step in the process of creating loads of profits from advertising your website in newspapers.

What is this first step you might ask?
An effective, curiosity provoking advertisement that gets people reading the paper to take action and visit your website.

To clarify, we are going to be using short, concise classified advertisements to generate leads. Yes, you will learn about using space advertising and longer ads in a later section but this is where you need to start.

Don't worry, this isn't something that requires you learn a bunch of copywriting tactics or complicated writing tricks. You just need to put yourself in the place of your prospect.

Let's jump into this with an example.
Let's say that you sell a book on how to have more fun boating while spending less money and you want to use the newspaper to get more people to your website.

You want to give a short and enticing headline that peaks enough interest to get people to your website, nothing more.

Instead of giving you a long-winded explanation or course on copywriting, I'll give you a handful of examples you can steal and model to fit your product or service.

Example #1
Learn Why I Have A Blast Boating Every Weekend And You Don't! Free Newsletter.

Example #2
Secrets Ways To Boat More, Have More Fun & Spend Less Money. Free Report.

Example #3
Do You Enjoy Boating? Learn How To Do It More Often & Have A Blast Doing It At This Free Website

Okay, let's use something a little more relevant to a home-service business.

Let's say you want to advertise your maid service in the newspaper. The ad is small, so you really want to pull readers to the web for more information.

Use phrases like this:

Example #1
Find out 5 extra services we give FREE that no other other maid service offers.

Example #2
Does your maid have a criminal background? Learn how we thoroughly screen all employees BEFORE they're hired.

Example #3
You'll have the cleanest home in your neighborhood. Find out about our 72 point checklist.

These taglines should always be put toward the bottom of a larger display ad. But, they can also be used as the sole copy in a small ad.

As you can see from the examples above, it doesn't need to be some long winded advertisement. Just something short, simple and crafted to generate some curiosity is all you need.

About the Author

John Braun is a copywriter with Hitman Advertising. To get your FREE REPORT entitled How To Choose The Most Profitable Advertising for your service business, visit

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