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How To Generate Leads For Your Business

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by: biggso
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Generating leads is near and dear to the heart of any network marketer, yet too frequently many will short change themselves and thus hamper the success of their business by focusing solely on the online marketplace. Granted, there is no other venue that will guarantee immediate exposure of your business or product to interested parties the world over but sometimes it is the individual who might not be looking online for a wellness product or business opportunity that will hold the most promise for your marketing efforts.

While there is a plethora of off line venues where you could make your product known, placing magazine ads to generate network marketing leads is by far the easiest methodology to follow. Yet like any process that is so simple at face value, a host of pitfalls lurk just below the surface. Take for example the quality of the lead you are generating. If you are selling a wellness product and are also looking for distributors, advertising in a pet related magazine will bring you leads but it is questionable if they are qualified leads.

These may be individuals who are dabbling with the thought of becoming a home based business entrepreneur but the odds are good that they will have little affinity for the product itself. Generally speaking, advertising in a niche publication only brings value to your network marketing campaign if your product or business has ties to that niche. Thus, your money will be better spent placing the ad either in a magazine that is dedicated to wellness in one of its incarnations or by placing it in a magazine that is devoted to those who are seeking to become entrepreneurs.

Similarly, the way your ad is worded will determine the quality of the lead. An ad that simply asks the reader to call or email if they want to make more money while staying at home will get you a lot of response but all of it will be from window shoppers rather than those who are interested in your specific business opportunity. Conversely, if you place an ad that invites those who want to become entrepreneurs in the wellness industry to contact you, those who might not have any interest in that field will be weeded out.

This is a doubled edged sword for the fact that any lead has the potential of becoming a qualified lead, yet any unqualified lead that is lost at the get go is a lead you will not have the opportunity to persuade. Placing magazine ads to generate marketing network leads is an expense that will help you to get local exposure and not the world wide exposure you might have been craving but this very locality will enable you to take advantage of a host of other marketing tools such as sales meetings, presentations and also sampling sessions that will introduce local health care professionals to the benefits of your product.

The latter is yet another gateway that opens the door to even more leads, since word of mouth advertising is the most precious commodity you can obtain. Thus, magazine ads are a marketing tool well worth paying for.

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