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How to Advertise Your Online Business for No Money!

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by: gwilly1
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New businesses, whether online or offline, have to let people know they exist - which means advertising. In the world of Network Marketing, there are numerous ways to get free exposure, and start building the name recognition that will guarantee your long-term success!

Blogging - blog is short for web log, and is simply a venue for commentary and discussion on any subject you can think of. Publishing a blog is easy - go to Blogger, sign up and start writing! As a network marketer, you obviously want to write about your experiences - and then invite others to join in via other forms of free advertising. This great free exposure, but be sure not to play up on any lack of knowledge you think might be a deterrent to others joining in your discussion. Look for other blogs related to Network Marketing, and invite the author to trade links.

Article Writing - I submit articles for pay periodically. When I submit those articles, I make sure that I indicate that it is NOT for exclusive use - which means that I am free to publish the article elsewhere. I can then take the same material and submit it to article directories for publication. In fact, I use a service that submits my articles to multiple directories, but this is something that can also be done manually without too much effort. You can do a web search and find hundreds of article directories devoted to any subject under the sun.

The key is the resource box - when you submit an article, there is a special "about the author" section that you'll need to complete. Write a short (and complimentary) blurb about yourself, and include a link to your website. Remember that you are a network marketer, and image is everything. Even if you're not "successful" in whatever terms you feel are applicable, THINK of yourself as a Network Marketer and write about yourself in that regard.

Forum Marketing - there are too many forums out there to even start listing them. I recommend you do a Google search with subject+forum - choose any subject you like; there are thousands of things that are of interest to network marketers. Visit a couple of forums for ideas on what those subjects are, and then do more Google searches. The key to being successful is this arena is to find forums that have active, current and relevant postings and make a real contribution to the discussion. Blatant advertising will not bring the results you seek.

As with article marketing, the signature page (like a resource box) is where you will enter information about you and your business. Join 3-5 forums, and post to them often. Once a day would be ideal, several times a week at minimum.

Free ad spaces abound on the internet. I've used them with limited success, but considering the cost (free!) it is a good place to invest a little time when you're getting started. Simply conduct a Google search for "free classified ads" and several variations of the term, and select sites that look like they get consistent traffic - which will be evident if there are constantly new ads being placed.

While free advertising methods may not bring the same level of results as paid advertising, there are several advantages to using the methods outlined above. First, it's free! Second, if you've developed or are utilizing some method of tracking, you will start to learn what is effective in your advertising and will be ahead of the game as you move into the paid advertising spaces. It may be a little intimidating when you begin, but the trick is to get in the game and develop your skills without emptying your wallet!

About the Author

Bill Cox is an entrepreneur and Network Marketer capitalizing on the power of the internet to build a residual income and financial freedom. Find out how, check out Eclipse! here!

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