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Email Marketing Basic Process

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by: alyselden
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If you are in business you should have a list of customers that you regularly communicate with. In fact, many would say that your list is your business. The reason for this is simple. When you advertise you pay to attract people interested in your niche market. If you make your offer once and they leave you only have that one chance to sell to them. If you gather their name and email address you can send offers and information to them for free any time you like.

You will need to select a niche market to serve first. Pick something you like working with and you'll enjoy yourself more. Make it narrow enough that you can be specific in your email marketing but broad enough that you have a sufficient customer base.

With your niche market firmly in mind, start gathering information about your niche. If you already have a product you're selling collect all of your product literature. Get every bit of information that your market might be interested in that you can find.

Now you need to pay attention to your profit centers. There are at least six in any list. You need to take the time to focus on each one and ensure that you maximize the revenue of each one by constant tracking and testing.

There are a few 'fact-of-life' expenses involved. You will need an autoresponder, a domain name and web hosting. Don't skimp. You want good reliable providers, especially your autoresponder since you have government email regulations to deal with.

You will also need a credit card processor and a viral report that you can offer in exchange for your customers name and email. You can write it yourself, hire a ghostwriter to write it for you or buy private label rights to a report in your niche.

Once all of that technical stuff is out of the way you can focus on the design and style of your e-zine or autoresponder series. You should define the theme of your site according to the specific portion of your niche market that you intend to serve. The more focused your list e-zine theme is the more responsive your list is likely to be.

After you have your theme you need to decide how many profit centers you will use and how you will implement them. Many of your profit centers will send your traffic to your affiliates. Once you know the structure of your list monetization strategy you can identify the specific affiliate products to promote to your market.

The layout and formatting of your email is very important. There are a few outlines for email structure that have proven themselves over time to pull better response rates. But the bottom line is you are going to have to test formats on your list to see what works best for you.

Another important consideration is the use of plain text verses HTML email. Each have a list of pro's and con's that you should consider carefully.

This is important. It's 'first impression' important. Make sure you take your time with the first message you send to your new subscribers. Offer good quality content and thoroughly proofread your work.

Your main goal is to create a bond of trust between you and your subscribers. Deliver real value. Treat them with respect and only promote products that you are sure live up to their promises.

Be fair and honorable with your list and your list will be very profitable. Here's the entire process in a nutshell.

1. Write a viral report
2. Create a cover image for your free report
3. Convert your report into pdf
4. Get an Autoresponder at aWeber or GetResponse
5. Get your domain and hosting
6. Set up your Squeeze Page
7. Redirect subscribers to a One-Time-Offer page (profit center)
8. Create your Thank You page with report download link and affiliate links
9. You're done - Now start Promoting

Every single marketing action you take from this point forward should be geared to driving qualified traffic to your squeeze page.

There are hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your list opt-in page. Just a few include ad swaps, buying ads in other e-zines, joint venture giveaways, articles marketing, blog marketing...

Once you have built a significant subscriber base you should start another list in a related niche and send your current subscribers to your second list to get it started quickly. Repeat the system and you are on your way to passive wealth.

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