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A Look At Some Of The Best Classified Ad Writing Strategies

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by: teahupoo
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Don't be daunted by having to write a classified ad to sell your product or service. It's really not all that hard. Here are some classified ad writing strategies you can use now to sell your product or service and start making money:

First of all, study what successful marketers are doing. There's no better way to learn how to be successful at anything than by following what successful people do. Obviously can't copy a successful classified ad word-for-word but as you study these ads you'll start to see common elements which you can utilize in your own classifieds. Study the ads in the newsletters, newspapers, magazines, etc. which you're subscribed to or read regularly. Browse the internet and look and the text ads you see all over the place. Consider the ones you like and think about why you like them. Respond to the ads you like and see what response you get in turn. This will further enhance your understanding of the classified ad process and increase your chances of success.

Don't just look at classified ads, though. Larger scale ads can be educational, too. Look at what the big guys are doing with their conventional "junk mail", advertising inserts, and big, bright, colorful ads. While you're not looking to advertise on that scale, there are important tips and tricks you can learn by closely studying such campaigns.

There are plenty of web sites which allow you to place classified ads for free. This is a great way to practice writing ad copy. You have nothing to lose!

Don't sell expensive items directly from classified ads. Instead, provide basic information which encourages the reader to visit your web site or to email you. Then you can find the specifics on your site or through an auto-responder email message.

Advertise in more than one place at a time. It's not good to rely on just one publication to sell your product or service. By placing classified ads in multiple locations, you'll increase the number of eyeballs on your ads and increase the likelihood of success. Don't just place your ads willy-nilly, though. You need to target your ads. It doesn't make sense to sell skateboards on a fishing site site, or offer business advice in a kids magazine. Common sense can be your guide here.

Pay attention to who's responding to your classified ads. Never forget to follow up on inquiries. Be professional. Slow or non-existent responses will totally defeat the purpose of what you're trying to do. Don't just respond, but also keep records of your correspondence. Knowing who you're attracting with your classified ads will help you better target your readers. Keep track of which of your ads are finding success. Be aware of who they're attracting and where they were placed.

Perhaps most important of all, change your classified ads if they're not working for you. Don't ever give up! If you're not finding success, then do something different with your ads. If you place the same ad over and over again, you'll increase the chances that people will just ignore it. People love novelty, so change your ads periodically. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Placing classified ads is an excellent, cost-effective method for selling your product or service.

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