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26 Reasons Why People Buy

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by: billmicro
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Are you looking forward to creating a new product but don't know what to create? Are you looking for a benefit headline that will draw people to your ad? Do you want to know what motivates people to part with their hard earned cash?

Here's a simple list of reasons that motivate people to 'buy'. Use it to develop a new niche product, develop a headline or at the very least just consider these things before you spend any money on advertising or marketing. I hope it helps.

1. To make money
2. To save money
3. To save time
4. To avoid effort
5. To get more comfort
6. To achieve greater cleanliness
7. To attain fuller health
8. To escape physical pain
9. To gain praise
10. To be popular
11. To attract the opposite sex
12. To conserve possessions
13. To increase enjoyment
14. To gratify curiosity
15. To protect family
16. To be in style
17. To have or to hold beautiful possessions
18. To satisfy appetite
19. To emulate others
20. To avoid trouble
21. To avoid criticism
22. To be individual
23. To protect reputation
24. To take advantage of opportunities
25. To have safety in buying something else
26. To make work easier

When you consider these items in your promotions or advertising, you're honing in on some of the key motivators that make us humans respond. And that's what advertising is all about; finding the 'what's in it for me' motivation in your product or service that will stand out above all the other 'noise' competing for the same attention.

Be sure to develop one single clear and persuasive message. Show your prospective customer a benefit, a promise or an offer - something that will persuade them to deal with you instead or your competitors.

Many motivators and trainers use the term WIIFM because it sounds like a radio station call sign to help you remember this. WIIFM stands for 'What's In It For Me'.

The WIIFM benefit should be at the top of an ad, the beginning of a letter, the start of a commercial. Research shows you have less than 10 seconds to get and hold someone's interest before they move on. Some say it's even as short as 3 seconds.

Write down all the features and benefits about your product or service, highlighting the one or two that really make a difference. The benefit will be what you need to focus on in your advertising. For example; A TV remote has the 'feature' of changing channels from the comfort of your lounge. The 'benefit' is that you don't have to get up out of your chair. Always focus on the benefit and you'll motivate people every time.

Good luck with your next advertising campaign!

About the Author

Rudy Labordus is CEO of award winning Perth advertising agency Breakthrough Corporation. Rudy also has his own Blog , is a sought after public speaker and creative author of globally acclaimed 'marketing ideas' toolkit Adpack: 125,000 marketing ideas for business.

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