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1: How the net is changing small business marketing
Frank Banfield is typical of many Brisbane small businesses. Three years ago when he started his shade sail business he put an ad in the Yellow Pages, ran some local ads and listened to the sound of

2: Using Newsletters To Market Your Business And Sell Your Product
Newsletters have become the most widely distributed and established form of email marketing and are used by almost every company and online business. Filled with useful information about a businesses

3: Work Offline To Attract Online Traffic
It is a well-known fact that the most challenging aspect of building an online business is the business of attracting online traffic to your website. This can often mean the difference between success

4: Generating Legitimate Business Leads
As a business owner, one of the most difficult things you will face is generating legitimate business opportunities. It seems as though, since there are so many businesses scattered throughout the wo

5: Basic Marketing Requirements For Your New Business
Having a product or services, a kind of website and lots of enthusiasm is simply not enough to ensure that your small business succeeds. There are certain necessary basic marketing mechanisms you need

6: Market Yourself In Order To Market Your Business
A terrific, sure fire way to promote your business optimally is to become an expert. For some reason the public and the media just love experts. Believe it or not even experts on obscure subjects such

7: Why Give Business Gifts?
There are a number of reasons why giving business gifts should form part of your marketing strategy. If you are dubious about the marketing value just think how many hundreds of thousands of often ver

8: What Exactly Is A Unique Selling Proposition?
You may think you know what a unique selling proposition is but how closely have you examined the concept? It is more than the point of difference that your business, product or company may have. It h

9: Why Top Retail Marketers Use Coupons
If youre like me you might have wondered why there are so many coupons distributed in the mail, by email, in the newspapers and so on. It might seem that marketers are going to a huge amount of troubl

10: Tips For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign
One of the most effective forms of advertising, direct mail is a quick way to deliver your message to thousands of people. Though it may seem like a simple strategy, direct mailing is actually quite

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