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About Candle Business Corner


The short version....

In 1998 the founder of this site was working 6 days a week, starting at 6:00am every morning, in the back of a grocery store. In May of 1998 Aire Care Candle was born.  Along with it came two websites, and a local candle shop.  That company sold wholesale, retail, online, craft shows, home parties, and did fundraisers across the U.S.  The company offered 40 fragrances, in three jar sizes, votives, and tarts, as well as pie candles in seven varieties and a line of aromatherapy candles in soy wax.

In October 2004, the Candle Making Business Resource born!  The founders hope that all of the information on this site, as well Candle Shopas in our book, will help bring you great success with your candle making business, and keep you from avoiding the pitfalls we fell into.

A couple of years ago, the web site was sold, but the intent is still the same. We hope you avoid making mistakes and that your candle business is what you want it to be!





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